When you buy a car, you know and expect that you will need to maintain it to keep it operating properly.  You add gas, change the oil, replace worn tires, wash it, and repair mechanical problems that may arise.

Well the same holds true when you own your own home … it requires maintenance to keep it functioning properly.  On the outside, there may be grass to move, trees to trim, gutters to clean, windows to wash and the roof to inspect for wear.  Inside, you have flooring to clean, filters to replace, smoke detectors to check, etc.

A preventive home maintenance program will maintain your home’s value and save you money in the long run.

You may find it helps to use a maintenance checklist.  The checklists shown below are courtesy of www.handythoughts.com, www.frugalliving.about.com and www.nchh.org.  You may want to use one of them, either as is or by adding or deleting items to tailor it to fit your situation.