What our customers have to say!

At Keith Carothers Homes, we are as committed to building customer relationships as we are to building superior custom homes.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Keith Carothers team for making our new custom home design and build such a nice and memorable event.  We appreciated your patience and expertise throughout the process from design through manufacturing and all the way to closing. Your team was flexible and supportive as we changed and adjusted various aspects of the plan throughout this process. We have also enjoyed your willingness to back your product with great after the sale support. Never once before, during or after the sale did you or your team let us down.  Pam and I will recommend you and your team to anyone looking to maximize the enjoyment in building a personally customized home. Job well done!"

-- Gary Gentry

"Our family had the pleasure of hiring Keith Carothers Homes early in 2011 to design and construct an overly large master suite addition to our home. At the time we hired Keith we were unaware of his company and selected him only after a good friend recommended him to us. Keith gave us the cost of our addition upfront, not an estimate that could be raise later on in the middle of construction, but as the price it would cost for our addition. We found throughout the construction that everyone working on our addition were not only professional, but also willing to communicate with us when we had a question that needed answering, even if answering our question interrupted their work schedule.

We were lucky to have hired this dedicated builder and the proof of his dedication to our build came when Keith stopped the bricking from being completed. He noticed that the remaining brick for our three porch columns were off color from the rest of the brick used in the construction. That's when Keith proved how trustworthy his job price really was too, by ordering a new pallet of brick from his own pocket and without even asking for a penny extra. He noticed, but he noticed and wanted his work to be without approach. Keith personally endured that each major step in the construction process was completed without flaw and to his design specifications by being on site during key moments. He was available by phone at all hours when he was not at our job site.

Yes, my family and I highly recommend Keith Carothers Homes, Inc. for all your home construction and home improvement needs, because here in Central Texas we found an honest and dedicated man with a company full of true professionals. It just couldn't have been done better, thank you Keith Carothers Homes, Inc. for the amazing job!"

-- Dave Malone

"We had a realtor show us several houses on the market.  We were most pleased with the Keith Carothers homes we saw.  He builds fine quality homes. I struggled to find anything he needed to fix, even after a year it sat on the market-hardly nothing needed repairs.  Anytime I have a question or concern they are very responsive."

"My family and I would highly recommend Keith Carothers Homes.  The construction process went very smoothly, and Keith was always available when we needed him."

"We had a great pleasure working with Keith Carothers Homes, they were fantastic people that did such a great job.  We are so lucky to have found such a thoughtful, professional company to work with, we would highly recommend them."

"I have been extremely satisfied with the quality of the work that Keith Carothers Homes has done for us.  They've built not just one, but two houses for us so far."

"Keith and his team were wonderful to work with.  They were available by phone at all house when he was not at our job site.  My family and I highly recommend Keith Carothers homes, Inc. for all your home construction and home improvement needs.  They are the best in Texas."